Ted Sun is an LA based portrait and fashion photographer, a native angeleno, whose celebrity collaborations include Joan Rivers, Darren Criss and Lance Bass. His photos have been published by GQ (Brazil, Mexico, UK), Men's Health, Variety.com, Billboard.com, LA Times, Palm Springs Life, and JON Mag among others.
Ted's passion for photography initially developed Through Traveling, before running its own course. He has NOW visited over 100 countries, and is continually inspired by new adventures and discovery. 
Before photography, Ted managed ad campaigns for fortune 50 companies for 6 years between LA and NYC (GREY, DAILEY & BBDO). He then freelanceD as an exec-recruiter and videographer for several years in NYC. These roles provided Ted With the foundations to be an effective producer, director, and entrepreneur, Along with the experience to Connect and work with a wide range of clients, talent and creatives.
Ted graduated from Princeton University, where he First explored visual art.
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